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The Creative Gateway

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At the Creative Gateway Arts Studio we believe in the power of Creativity. Creativity is an energetic tool through which we can explore and discover in order to reach a more personlised and fulfilled way of living. Creativity can inspire a sense of curiosity and wonder that is essential if we want to move forward and grow, and allows us a safe space in which to try new things. 

Most importantly Creativity allows us the opportunity of reaching a mindful calming space where there is no judgement and anything is possible.

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The Creative Gateway 
Arts Studio

The idea you need to be able to draw or paint to be creative is untrue. Creativity basically means originality, progressiveness and imagination. So in some way shape or form, we can all be creative.

Here at the Creative Gateway Arts Studio we use the Creative Arts to encourage children to experiment, explore and to express themselves through a range of creative modalities. We help them to build a strong creative base from which they can go out into the world, their minds bursting with limitless curiosity and wonder, with the courage to give new things a go and the resiliency to persist and to keep trying even when things don't work out.


Children and young people with more specific needs can engage, explore, connect and grow through individual and/or group Art Therapy sessions. During their sessions children and young people can learn more about themselves, their experiences and their relationship with themselves and others. They can express and communicate using the non verbal style of the of Creative Arts without judgement or expectation, because sometimes there simply are no words.


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Now more than ever, it is so important to nurture our children's creativity and imagination. By providing the time and space for your child to be creative you are helping them to improve their resiliency, reduce stress, and increase connection. Creativity can help grow your child's confidence, improve their sense of self, and can assist in the development of a range of important developmental skills. Most importantly, creativity increases your child's experiences of playfulness, fun and joy.

Give your child the best start in life by giving them the gift of Creativity.

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