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The Founder of The Creative Gateway Arts Studio

My love and connection with creativity was born and nurtured growing up in a big family on a farm in the country. Against the backdrop of endless space, fresh air and the remnants of old farm machinery and neighbouring bush land, my sister spent hours and hours creating magical lands of make believe and my imagination flourished.

Somehow I lost that freedom of living creatively as I grew up and took on roles in customer service, welfare and in the health industry. Then 5 years ago I came across a flyer advertising  a foundation course in Art Therapy. It was during this course that I realised there was a way to utilise what I had learnt through my previous work and my love of creativity to help others.

I have now completed my Associate Degree in Arts Psychotherapy, and am just about to finish my Bachelor in Arts Psychotherapy.  As an Arts Therapist I am trained in the areas of human development, psychological theories, clinical practice, and the healing potential of the creative processes of art making. My role as an Arts Therapist includes the trauma informed use of the creative arts in treatment, assessment and research, and consulting with other healthcare professionals to get the best outcomes possible for our clients.

 I absolutely believe everyone should have the opportunity to nurture their creativity, both in healing and in their everyday lives, especially children and young people. The creative arts are, after all, the natural communication style of children. Children draw before they can write, they sing before they can speak and the dance before they can walk. Research shows children and young people are suffering more now than ever before,  from increased anxiety and stress. My desire to bring creativity back into the lives of children in order to help them better manage their anxiety and stress has been the driving force behind the creation of the 'Chasing Rainbows Arts & Crafts Club' as part of the 'The Creative Gateway Arts Studio'. It is my desire to reintroduce the magic of creativity back into the lives of our children and to nurture their curiosity and sense of wonder. 


Through creativity I hope to ignite the imagination of future creatives and champion resilient adventurers who see a world where anything is possible,  just as creativity did me me all those years ago. 

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