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Art Class

What is Art Therapy?

In its most simple form, Art Therapy is the process of self-exploration and meaning making through the use of the creative arts.

Art Therapy is a therapeutic process that uses the nonverbal language of the expressive arts and the creative process, as a vehicle for personal communication, exploration and expression. The creative process can help connect us with our internal thoughts, sensations and emotions and can help bring to the surface and highlight, personal perceptions and patterns that linger within us. By expressing our internal landscape and giving it tangible form through art making we are better able to explore the bigger picture of what is going on deep inside of us and to gain meaning and clarity.


Art Therapy involves the use of a variety of different creative art modalities such as the visual arts, music, movement, dance, drama, voice and sound, narrative and storytelling, creative writing, and poetry. It involves the process of creating an art piece, then reflecting and exploring not only the creative piece itself, but also on one's personal experience of the creative process. In Art Therapy it is not the aesthetic beauty of the art piece that is important, but instead the process of expressing and exploring one’s thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and personal lived experiences through art making.


Art Therapy can assist in gaining a better awareness of the self and of others. It can help develop a learned ability to cope with symptoms of anxiety, stress and traumatic experiences, enhance cognitive, sensory and fine motor skills, and can give increased pleasure, enjoyment and connection.


Art Therapy can improve a one’s physical, emotional and psycho-social well being.

Cost: $110.00 per hour

Click on the link below to learn more about Art Therapy

Art Therapy: Resources
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