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Super Skills


By the time a child is 5 years of age 90% of their brain has developed. During this time they learn and develop through the interactions with the people around them and through creative play. Children are naturally filled with curiosity and a sense of wonder. The intrigue that comes from simple every day things, feeds their imagination and cultivates  an insatiable inquisitiveness. They are fearless and will try over and over again undeterred, until they master a new skill. Unknowingly during this time, children develop and practice the 5  Super Skills they need to grow and thrive. Creative arts and crafts is the perfect environment in which children can develop these 5 super skills.

Arts and Crafts sessions at the Creative Gateway Arts Studio is underpinned by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths). STEAM is an integrated approach to learning that develops critical thinking and encourages children to think more widely. STEAM learning happens naturally through creative art and crafting as they experiment, explore, play and constantly try new things. STEAM cultivates collaboration, exploration and problem solving and can help your child develop their 5 super skills.

The 5 Super Skills

  1. Physical Skills: Gross motor skill (whole body movements e.g. running, jumping, sitting, standing, kicking) and fine motor skills (moving fingers, toes, wrists, hands)

  2. Executive skills (attention, organisation, judgement, flexibility, planning, time management, critical thinking and problem solving)

  3. Social Skills (connection, feeling valued, belonging) and Self Regulation (emotions and behaviours)

  4. Speech and Language (talking, reading, singing

  5. Sensory Awareness (taste, smell, touch, sound, see)

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